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Hello, I'm Maedbh... which is the Gaelic spelling for "Maeve". Throughout my life I have loved all forms of art but have especially been enamored with photography. I enjoy the challenge of forming a piece of art out of a fraction of a second - especially with regards to wildlife photography - where I often find myself at the mercy of the natural environment and the unpredictability of my subjects. 

Originally from the state of New York, I received my Bachelor's in biology from SUNY Geneseo, then went on to cultivate my love of invertebrates, birds and horticulture while working as curator for a butterfly house in upstate NY for 7 years. I then moved to the island of Grenada while working towards my DVM at St. George's University (where I acquired 2 island dogs), then found myself in Louisiana where I completed my DVM at the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and met my husband, Chris.


In essence, I use my photography to capture moments that would have been lost in the continuous passing of time. I hope you enjoy my end results as much as I enjoy the process of making them. 

I currently use a Nikon D750 with a Sigma 18-250mm, a Sigma 105mm Macro and Nikkor 200-500mm lenses for wildlife and a Nikon 50mm for portraits.

My work is dedicated to Gloria and Joe, whose absence reminds me to live with the light and love they left behind.

Awards and Publications

First Place - Orvis 20 September Days 2022 Photo Contest

Runner Up - BREC Conservation Back to Nature 2022 Photo Contest

Honorable Mention - NWF Garden for Wildlife 2022 Photo Contest

Second Place - Orvis 20 September Days 2021 Photo Contest

First Place - Orvis 20 September Days 2020 Photo Contest

Magazine Cover - International Touraco Society - Issue #42 Winter 2014

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