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Hello, I'm Maedbh!.. which is the Gaelic spelling for "Maeve".  

For me, photography has always been about capturing moments that would have otherwise been lost in the continuous passing of time. A shared moment between friends and family, a fleeting glance conveying emotion, a wild bird interacting with its surroundings, or even a landscape bathed in beautiful light.  There are so many moments in life worth capturing.

Photography is also about freezing a special moment so that we can come back to it time and again, not just as an impactful image but also as an emotional state closely tied to that moment.  The ability to capture emotion makes photography powerful. 

I work as a small animal veterinarian in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When I am not working or photographing, I spend my time on various art projects or in nature through hiking, kayaking and attempting to fly fish. I share my life with my husband, Chris, our 3 old dogs and a tortoise named Charlotte. 

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